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Combination pH electrode XRV22

- Fillable combination electrode for pH measurement
(Reference electrode + measurement electrode in the same housing)
- To make it more rugged, the electrode is protected in a PVC housing, which limits electrode breakage.
- Reinforced tip for the glass membrane => penetration in solid or semi-solid samples  
- Facilitates measurements in the agri-food sector
The reinforcement of the tip helps to limit breakage.
- Applications in the lab and in the field
- pH measurements in the universal pH range from 0 to 12
- Liquid electrolyte: KCl 1 mol/L

Advantages of a liquid electrolyte:

-> Possibility of topping up or emptying the electrolyte in the event of contamination -> extension of the electrode's life span.

Advantages of KCl 1 mol/L:

-> Less crystallization if the liquid evaporates on the membrane
-> Reduced risk of clogging the junction
=> Extension of the electrode's life span

- Two types of connection technology available for adaptation to your instruments

For further technical details, please read the sales brochure on the electrodes and/or contact us.
Elect. combinee pH XRV22H PVC VERRE BNC
Elect. combinee pH XRV22H PVC Verre TV

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