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CA 6651

  • Test adapter for mode-3 AC charging stations equipped with a type-2 cable
  • Simulation of vehicle status (CP signal)
  • Switching between the different charging currents from 13 to 63A (PP status)
  • Connection to view the status of the signal (CP)
  • PE pre-test to check that no hazardous voltage is present in relation to the PE earth
  • Presence of phases L1/L2/L3 indicated by 3 LEDs

The CA 6651 test adapter for electric vehicle charging stations is simple to use. It can be interfaced in series on the output of a charging station and allows you to access the various measurement points on a type-2 socket to perform electrical tests. The CA 6651 can be used first to perform the following tests:
- The functional test to check that the PE protective conductor is correctly connected to the earth and that the phases are present
- Verification of the electric vehicle charger station’s safety; to do this, you need to use the adapter with a multifunction tester (e.g. CA 6117, CA 6131, CA 6133 or MX 535) : Mains test, earthing test, RCD test, insulation measurement
The CA 6651 then checks whether the charging station is operating properly by simulating a vehicle in various states: connected, not connected, charging, etc.
To check that the signal is transmitted correctly between the charging station and the CA 6651, you need to use a handheld oscilloscope such as the Handscope (signal waveform, amplitude, pulse width, etc.)

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CA 6651 Adapt borne VE câble type 2

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