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CA 6292


The C.A 6292 is supplied in a site-proof casing with clearly-identified connection terminalsto limit the risk of errors while also allowing quick connection of yourmeasurement leads.

The measurement results are displayedinstantaneously on the LCD screen, which is backlit for easy reading. The C.A 6292 can be configuredusing the rotary knob on the instrument or via a PC with the USB link.

The C.A 6292 can be used to measure in total safetyfor both people and equipment. The BSGmethod allows you to maintain theearthing on both sides of the object tested in order to remove any risk due toelectromagnetic induction phenomena. In this mode, the optional MR 6292 clampcan be used for current measurements up to 50 ADC.

The C.A 6292 can store in memory up to 8,000 measurement results.


According to Kelvin's principle, thefour-wire measurement method can be used to eliminate errors due to theresistances of the test leads and the contact resistances. In this way, the C.A 6292 offers excellentaccuracy (around 1% of the measurement result) for low resistance measurementsthanks to its 0.1 μΩ resolution.

The C.A 6292 is suitable for a wide range of applications:

· Contact resistance tests on MV/HV cells

· Verification of contact quality on circuit-breakers,switches, relays, etc.

· Resistance testing on busbars, cables, windings, etc.

· Checking of continuity on rails, axles or welds

· Testing of surface condition and metallization

· Cut-off device tests


The DataView software platform can be usedto configure the instrument, process and analyse the measurement results,export saved files and create reports.

CA 6292 Micro-Ohmmetre 200A

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