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Power & Harmonics demonst. case

  • Insulation and Continuity Tester for Special Applications
  • 2 GΩ
  • Test voltage : 1 to 1 V - 1 V increments
  • Manual / Lock / Duration modes
  • Alarms, ∆REL
  • Continuity, Voltage, Resistance
  • Magnetic mounting
This irreplaceable training aid can be used to simulate a network and a 3-phase load without any risk in order to train people in the various network energy and pollution analysis tests by simulating measurements:
  • voltage (mains ±15%),
  • current (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 A ±10%),
  • current phase displacement (30°, 45°, 60° ±5°, inductive or capacitive),
  • total harmonic distortion in current and voltage (network THD, 15%, 25% and variable), etc.

It can be used to train people thoroughly in the main operations, in an industrial environment, while protecting them against the electrical hazards. This product is designed for training students, self-employed electricians, contractors, maintenance technicians, engineers, etc.

The instrument is a complete, rugged case which is easy to transport, powered by the 230V mains supply (2P+E socket). It offers a wide range of functions:
  • power-on LED;
  • phase activation switch;
  • input filter and time-delay fuses.

The instrument complies with IEC 61010 300V CAT II. 
Valise Démo Puiss004/067

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