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Chauvin Arnoux

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  • MTX 204

    MTX 204

    The MTX 200 Series multimeters which are simple to use for day-to-day work but also offer all the crucial functions of a multimeter: current, voltage and resistance measurements.
  • C.A 5273

    C.A 5273

    A comprehensive multimeter for electrical maintenance of installations and small AC and DC machines
  • C.A 5233

    C.A 5233

    This compact, comprehensive digital multimeter is equipped with all the functions required by electricians for maintenance of residential and tertiary equipment and installations
  • C.A 5275

    C.A 5275

    This versatile multimeter is ideal for instrumentation or command signals, as well as those on three-phase networks up to 1000 V


  • C.A 5277

    C.A 5277

    A comprehensive multimeter with all the functions needed for testing, maintenance and inspections

  • MTX 3290

    MTX 3290

    Compact, rugged, leakproof digital multimeter with digital keyboard: 6 kpts, TRMS.

  • MTX 3291

    MTX 3291

     Compact, rugged, leakproof digital mutimeter:
     60 kpts, TRMS, with USB communication
  • MTX 3293

    MTX 3293

    Graphical colour recorder-multimeter: 100 kpts, 200 kHz, IP67, USB communication and Bluetooth available as an option (BT version)
  • C.A 5011

    C.A 5011

    TRMS analogue/digital multimeter

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