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  • Ethernet
  • SCPI
  • USB
■ Frequency range from 0.001 mHz to 30 MHz, classic and arbitrary signals ■ DDS technology on 2 outputs (coupling and duplication) - combination of functions ■ Signals sampled at 150 MS/s with 14-bit resolution ■ AM & FM, FSK & ASK, PSK & PWM analogue and digital modulation ■ Practical SWEEP and BURST functions ■ Frequency meter from 100 mHz to 200 MHz ■ EasyPulse technology to generate low-jitter pulses ■ TrueArb technology to eliminate jitter and signal distortion ■ Programmable via a USB or Ethernet link and storage on U8SB drive

The GX 1030 is a 2-channel arbitrary function generator from 0.01 mHz to 30 MHz which provides much greater accuracy and frequency stability than a traditional generator. The GX 1030 generates precise, varied, simple or complex signals: sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, white noise, arbitrary signal (196 waveforms pre-installed).
The GX 1030 offers internal and external modulations, as well as linear and logarithmic sweep functions. The BURST function lets you choose the number of cycles per time period. This function allows even more accurate analysis, as well as the detection of very brief events.
It is equipped with a built-in frequency meter covering a range from 100 mHz to 200 MHz.
The harmonics function can be used to generate up to 16 even or odd harmonic orders, with amplitude and phase.
This ergonomic instrument is equipped with a large LCD screen (960x 540 mm) which is exceptionally easy to read due to its 4.3" TFT high-contrast colour display.
As it is programmable, 2 PC software products are available for download to create arbitrary signals: SX-GENE and EasywaveX

Technical specifications
• Generator:
- - BNC output terminals on front panel: Generator outputs 1 & 2 –
- Independent settings (waveform, f, phase, amplitude, etc.), coupled, duplicate or combined channels
- - BNC I/O terminals on rear panel: 3 inputs outputs; Ext trigger, frequency meter and 10 MHz clock - synchronization
• Frequency meter: 100 mHz to 200 MHz
• Harmonics function: graphical view of 16 even or odd orders generated with amplitude and phase
• Data storage: predefined or specific signals, complete instrument configurations
• Communication interface: USB Device, USB host -, LAN

Générateur arbitraire 30MHz USB LAN

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