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Combination pH electrode BRV45

- Fillable combination electrode
Reference electrode + measurement electrode in the same housing
- For pH measurements in non-aqueous environments
- Electrode filled with liquid electrolyte (acetic acid) for pH measurements in non-aqueous environments.
This guarantees effective pH measurements on a day-to-day basis for applications in non-aqueous environments (substances insoluble in water) such as in solvents (petrochemical products,  pharmaceutical products, aminated organic compounds, acetonitrile, alcohols, etc.).
Work in totally anhydrous conditions should be avoided, however, to prevent dehydration of the gel layer present on the outside of the glass membrane.

- Spherical glass bulb for a sufficiently large contact area.
The glass membrane of a pH electrode may have various shapes and properties depending on the application for which the electrode is intended. The selection criteria are: the consistency of the sample, its volume, its temperature, its ion concentration and the required measurement range.

- Available with 2 connection technologies for adaptation to your instruments

For further technical details, please read the sales brochure on the electrodes and/or contact us.

Elect. combinee pH BRV45H Verre - Verre BNC
Elect. combinee pH BRV45H Verre - Verre S7

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