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Combination pH electrode BRV4

- Fillable combination electrode for pH measurements on small volumes.
(Reference electrode + measurement electrode in the same housing)
Electrode designed to measure the pH in small recipients and/or with small samples. It is ideal for haemolysis tubes and for any application where the small quantity of the sample makes it precious.

The BRV4 electrode can be supplied in two versions, according to the type of glass blown: either glass A or glass H. The difference between these two types of glass lies in the properties of the glass. Glass A allows measurements in highly alkaline environments and its measurement range extends from 0 to 14, whereas glass H is a universal glass allowing accurate measurements up to pH 12.
The glass is the element sensitive to oxonium ions (H3O+(aq)) when the electrode is immersed in an aqueous solution, because the potentials are different on either side of the glass membrane due to the different ion exchanges between the membrane and the solution.

- Filled with a liquid electrolyte: KCl 1 mol/L

Advantages of a liquid electrolyte:

-> Possibility of topping up or emptying the electrolyte in the event of contamination -> extension of the electrode's life span.

Advantages of KCl 1 mol/L:

-> Less crystallization if the liquid evaporates on the membrane
-> Reduced risk of clogging the junction
=> Extension of the electrode's life span

- Spherical glass membrane termination for relatively large contact area.
- Difference between the BRV4A/H and the BRV5A/H electrode: the diameter of the glass bulb of the BRV4 electrode is 6/6.5 mm.
- Various types of connection technology available for adaptation to all your instruments.  

For further technical details, please read the sales brochure on the electrodes and/or contact us.

Elect. combinee pH BRV4A
Elect. combinee pH BRV4A Verre -Verre S7
Elect. combinee pH BRV4H
Elect. combinee pH BRV4H Verre - Verre S7
Elect. combinee pH BRV4H130

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