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DOX 2100B

  • USB

The METRIX DOX2000B Series oscilloscopes are particularly compact andsimple to use, with a casing specially designed for laboratory use.

Theyare equipped with a wide display offering 18 div. in full-screen mode. Thisallows customization of the display: choice between normal or persistentdisplay, YT or XY format, adjustment of the colours, graticule, brightness,contrast, etc. Rotary buttons and backlitkeys give access to the commands on the front panel.

Withits handle, the DOX oscilloscope is easy to transport and its non-slip feetmake it particularly stable.

High performance and multiple functions for acquisition andanalysis

There are 3 acquisition levels for acquisition and analysis, in real time orequivalent time. The memory depth for acquisition is 32 kpoints or 2 MPointsto optimize your analyses. The vertical sensitivity is from 2 mV/div. to10 V/div. with 12 ranges and the horizontal sensitivity is from 2.5 ns to 50s/div. Advanced functions arealso available: simple MATH functions (+/-/x/÷) and "real-time"FFT with simultaneous display of the traces.

TheEASYSCOPE software delivered withthe product can be used to control and test the oscilloscope and to recover thetrace and screenshot files.

Technical specifications:

- 7-inch WVGA colour display
- Fullmenus in 5 languages + on-screen contextual help in English
- 2-channelmeasurement capture + Ext Trig andcomplex triggers
- 2 x100 MHz channels - Sweep speed from 2.5 ns/div. to 50 s/div.
- Sampling rate: one-shot= 500 MS/s (2 channels), 1 GS/s (one channel) / Repetitive = 50 GS/s
- Max. memory depth: 32 kpoints + unlimited storage capacity on USB key
- Vertical resolution: 8 bits (0.4%)
- 32 automatic measurements + cursors
- USB device and Ethernet RJ45 communication
- IEC 61010-1 / 300 V CAT II

DOX2100B oscilloscope num 2voies 100MHz

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