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Conductivity cell + Temp. XCPST4

- Conductivity cell with 2 platinum poles
- Built-in temperature sensor
As conductivity depends significantly on the temperature, you are advised to use a temperature sensor in the measurement system, allowing you to automatically acquire the temperature at the time of measurement and, if necessary, to correct the conductivity measured so that it is expressed at a reference temperature.
- Equipped with a PVC housing
- Ideal probe for your conductivity measurements in the laboratory or in the field.
The platinum poles are protected by PVC to reduce breakage even during extreme use.

- Reliable, accurate measurements on a wide conductance range: 0.1 µS to 200 mS with a cell constant close to 1 cm-1

- High accuracy even when the conductivity is low

- Suitable for a large number of applications and recommended for viscous samples and/or samples containing particles in suspension

- 5-pole connection technology for adaptation to your instruments

For further technical details, please read the sales brochure on the electrodes and/or contact us.

Cellule Conduct-T XCPST4 PVC

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