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CA 757

  • 600vcat3
  • IEC-61010-2-033
  • IP54
  • Automatic recognition of AC/DC
  • Automatic recognition of resistors, diodes & capacitors
  • Autoranging
  • Hazardous voltage indication
  • Removable test probes
The compact, lightweight C.A 757 tester is a test and measurement instrument offering all the essential functions required by electricians on a day-to-day basis.
The compact C.A 757 fits comfortably in one hand and is equipped with an IP 54 casing protected against dust and water projections which also withstands fall from up to 2 metres. Its large backlit display makes it easy to read the values. The test probes are removable and easy to replace. They are stowed with their cable in a built-in compartment on the instrument.
Ergonomic and quick to prove essential for test and maintenance work, the C.A 757 also ensures that you work in total safety:
- protection against electric shocks up to 6 kV for voltage measurements
- protection up to 1,000 V for all the functions
- indication when a hazardous voltage is present
- automatic power-off after 10 minutes.

With its 600 V CAT III double insulation, the C.A 757 complies with the new IEC 61010-2-033 standard for multimeters.

Simple to use, the C.A 757 automatically recognizes Ac and DC voltages, as well as continuity, resistors, diodes and capacitors. It also detects live conductors without contact.
Lastly, the C.A 757 is delivered with a MiniFlex flexible current sensor allowing current measurements up to 300 AAC even in places where access is difficult.

Main specifications:

•   DC voltage: 3 mVDC to 1000 VDC
•   AC voltage: 100 mVAC to 1000 VAC
•   Currents: 500 mA to 300 A (with MiniFlex sensor supplied)
•   Resistance: 0.3 Ω to 30 MΩ
•   Audible continuity for R ≤ 30 Ω
•   Capacitance: 400 pF to 30 mF
•   Diode test
•   No-contact voltage detection
•   600 V CAT III
CA 757 Testeur numérique avec MiniFlex

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