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  • 600vcat3
  • Autoscript
  • IP64
  • main
  • WIFI
  • USB
  • Tests according to the regulatory reference bases
  • Customizable automatic scripts
  • Colour touch screen usable with gloves
  • Multilingual interface
  • Customizable visual inspections
  • 3 kV dielectric tests, insulation 1 GΩ, continuity 10 A
  • RCD tests from 6 mA to 1000 mA
  • Direct and differential leakage current
  • Discharge time
  • Automatic printing of Pass/Fail sticker
  • Interfaces for barcode, RFID, remote control and lamps
  • Storage of up to 100,000 tests
  • 1 USB-B port and 2 USB-A ports
  • Wifi communication
  • Analysis and report generation software for PC
  • Firmware updates via USB drive

The CA 6161 is delivered in a yellow site case. It is equipped with a colour touch screen usable even when wearing gloves. Its user interface is multilingual and there are numerous help screens available at all times during use. In this way, users are guided by visuals, text and symbols. It communicates via Wifi or via its USB ports.
Four quick-action keys
The CA 6161 machine tester is equipped with a keypad with four keys for quick access to certain functions whatever the context may be: printout of a measurement on the sticker/label printer, display of helps screens for the selected function, return to home screen and return to the previous screen. In particular, this can be used to return quickly to the home screen, wherever you are in the HMI tree-structure.
The CA 6161 can store up to 100,000 tests in its memory. PC software transfers the data from completed tests via USB or Wifi for analysis and report generation.
Firmware upgrades are performed very simply using a USB drive.

The CA 6161 is ideal for inspection and certification of appliances' electrical safety in the context of:
- Conformity checks at the end of the production line,
- Periodic checking
- Maintenance.
It will be used frequently by:
- Manufacturers of electrical appliances and equipment for checking conformity ("CE" marking)
- Switchboard manufacturers for checking the low-voltage cabinets
- Industrial maintenance firms needing to check the conformity of the equipment in a fleet or on an installation
- After Sales Service companies which repair and check the conformity of appliances or equipment showing anomalies
- Certification organizations for periodic checks
- Technical education

MEASUREMENTS performed by the CA 6161
- 2-wire/4-wire continuity, 0.1A, 0.2A, 10A; voltage drop ∆U
- 1GΩ insulation
- 3kV dielectric test
- Testing of RCD types A, AC, B, B+, F and EV
- Loop impedance and line impedance
- Direct leakage current
- Differential leakage current
- Single-phase and three-phase power values
- Measurement on current clamp
- Phase rotation test
- Discharge time


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